Rio 2016!

Sports day ideas- Ririoo inspired games for 2016!

Every year I struggle to find new and exciting sports day games that can be fun for both PMLD and SLD pupils. Here are a few all ability games we followed this year (and it was hailed as the best year yet, hehe).

I put groups of pupils together by age group, and gave each group a country as their team name. Prior to the day, classes made flags/ banners/ shakers etc to bring to the event. Thus encouraging a thematic link.

Every sports day needs a warm up! We paraded each teams’ flags/ banners and Olympic torches to funky music. We followed this by playing the classic ‘beans’ game, and for the younger ones, adapted it with Mr. Men characters. (So for Mr. Tall, we stretched, Mr. Fast, we moved fast etc.)

The Games:

Skittles- a classic game, use sensory balls to stimulate and grab, use drainpipes to roll down, encourage classes to make their own sensory skittles!

Popcorn!- a parachute game, where two teams came together as one and made sure all the balls stayed on the parachute through lots of movements. Pupils who found this hard, then enjoyed feeling the movement of the parachute and exploring the colours in front of them.

Don’t spill it! – a water based game, where a bucket was filled with water and was passed along a line of pupils. The pupil on the end then ran to the beginning of the line, before it was repeated. Who had the most water left over?

Drop it!- pupils had to pick up/ grasp as water balloon from one box and drop it into another further away. Who managed to keep their water balloons full?


Don’t forget your cool down! We had ice creams- sssshhh, not so healthy schools huh?!


Talking of Rio, here is a fantastic link to bring Rio into all areas of the curriculum…


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