Literacy & Communication- Personal stories

A short sensory story centred around the child is a wonderful way to bring Literacy into your sensory classroom. You may want to link it into their school day, their family or favourite things. Just think about what a child could achieve if they were motivated daily by a wonderful story all about them, and what they can do!

An example story…

This is Sam (Show Sam a mirror and name body parts)personal story

Sam enjoys having a good stretch every day (sing a body song that encourages movement)

Sam loves to feel different textures (explore a few textures and make a choice- is it consistent?)

Sam also enjoys watching bubbles fall (attach a bubble machine to a switch box and develop cause and effect through switch work)

Sam enjoys relaxing with a hand massage (engage in a massage)

Link your IEPS to something that they cover during the story e.g. intensive interaction, switch work, responses, grasping, tracking etc. Timetable the story into lessons at least twice a week and ensure repetition, fun and achievements. Of course, over a term or period of time, extend and challenge the pupil by amending the resources.

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